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Corporate Testimonials

Here's what people have said about my corporate services

Over the last month I have been using Heather and her EFT technique to help me redirect my energy in a more positive way. All too often in life, having a primary focus can tum easily into having tunnel vision, to the extent where it becomes an obsession to the exclusion of all
else. This has been the case for me over the last six months to the point where it
was becoming counter productive because all my energy was very negative.

With Heather's help I have actually pulled myself away from my magnifying glass and looked at the broader picture and realised that the things I had been focussing on were not my real issues after all! I have now rearranged my priorities and because I am much happier I have found that the people around me are too.This has produced a very positive circle as opposed to a vicious one and a smaller amount of this positive energy gets a lot more done.

Heather does not get rid of your problems for you, but she does enhance your ability to deal with them. Thanks to Heather I am in a much happier place. If you would like to find a happier place of your own, don't go Thomas Cook, ASK HEATHER! I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

Dawn Larn - MD Broom Mill Day

I would like to endorse the services provided by Heather Carter of Ready For Change Now.  Her caring and professional approach is reflected in the positive participation by individuals.  Heather supported the Learning Styles Project within City of Sunderland Council by promoting and facilitating training courses in areas such as Block Busting, Stress Management and Confidence Building.  I can personally vouch for the quality of Heather’s training provision as I benefited from a session myself earlier this year.

Feedback from participants from the sessions stated that they had enjoyed and benefited from the experience.  I believe that Heather’s provision can help the individual and also the organisation to be happier, healthier and more productive.

Howard Fawcett
Union Learning Representative Coordinator
Learning Styles Project
Sunderland City Council

“I undertook telephone support with Heather earlier this year and mostly found it as good as being in the same room.  Heather talked me through EFT and sent me a useful email with the tapping points.  I found Heather to be clear, warm and very supportive.  I unearthed some unforeseen stuff which set off an emotional reaction which was a bit strange on the telephone but Heather was able to stay with me in an unobtrusive supportive way until I was able to speak again.  Telephone consultations may not be for everyone but I would highly recommend giving it a try or a mix of face to face and telephone as a methodology which fits in with busy life styles.” 

Jeanette Harold

"Hi Heather, many thanks for the workshop. I've lost 10lbs. I no longer have to be "full to the rafters" and I am forming new healthy attitudes with food. And that has all been from the workshop. I really do think highly of EFT"

Joanna (one week after attending Heather's weight management workshop)