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Stress Management
According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), stress is “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other demands placed on them,” Good stress management in the workplace is therefore critical to the overall health of the workforce

Ready for Change Now contributes to your programme of policies and procedures with bespoke or tailor-made stress-awareness training. Our intention is to build individuals’ awareness of their own physical and emotional responses to the pressures of their work (or home) life and ensure that they are able to take responsibility for dealing with them in a healthy way, using self-help strategies and, if necessary, additional support, to counteract any negative effects, particularly over the longer term.

If not addressed, unrelieved stress (however caused) may lead to disturbed emotional or mental health including panic attacks, anxiety and depression, or to unhealthy behaviours such as excessive use of cigarettes, alcohol, food or drugs, ultimately leading to detrimental physical conditions. Ready for Change Now can offer a programme of emotional and motivational support to individuals who are not coping well with day to day pressure in their workplace, with the intention of reducing sickness absence.

Where employees are already on long-term sick leave, Ready for Change Now can support them in making decisions about their future, placing personal well-being at the top of the agenda. Our approach helps people to recognise whether they are fit to return to work or not, what personal issues or training needs, if any, are standing in their way or, indeed, whether their health would be better served by a change in employment. .

Where employees have returned to work following a period of sickness, Ready for Change Now can act as a completely impartial and confidential support service, ensuring that old negative behaviour patterns and responses are not re-establishing themselves and, if they are, working with the employee to prevent a recurrence of the sickness absence.

Our aim is to make a major contribution to the health and welfare of  your workforce, resulting in a happier, more creative and productive team.