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Public Speaking
Public Speaking

How many of your staff would be effective spokespersons for your business?

Public speaking workshops can really help to develop individuals, giving them confidence in presenting their ideas and opinions, meeting customers, suppliers and associates, networking, addressing meetings, contributing to training sessions and delivering presentations or lectures.  By developing their presentation skills at work, employees can find additional benefits in their private lives, enriching the experience of hobbies, and social activities for a better work-life balance.

Development of these skills can also support employees in being more assertive in their private lives, for example, dealing with utility suppliers, public services, schools and banks – all of which can contribute to reduction in overall stress levels for individuals and therefore improved work performance.

An element of public speaking can be built into our regular confidence building courses but, if your company generates a high proportion of its business through word of mouth referrals, networking and presentations, then public speaking skills – including broadcast media training - may well be worthy of a dedicated workshop.

One to one coaching is also an option for your key public-facing employees and management.

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