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Face Life Fearlessly
Face Life Fearlessly

In her classic self help book: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, the brilliant Doctor Susan Jeffers suggests that FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.

The key to that truth is the power of our imaginations. Those of us who are less confident in life, maybe somewhat timorous, nervy, anxious or downright fearful of change, adventure or exploration, actually live the events we’re most afraid of in our minds – and they can be the most terrifying scenarios. The bogie man lives in our heads.

So wouldn’t it be wonderfully liberating if we could, instead, use the fabulously creative force that is our imaginations to make life wonderful, exhilarating, fulfilling, safe, satisfying and abundant?

The great news is that we CAN. We most definitely CAN! What we think is what we create in our lives. Even more powerfully, what we FEEL is what we attract to us. If we feel afraid, we will attract proof that there is something to fear. By the same law, if we feel optimistic and happy, we attract the proof that life is good. Happiness is a decision we take. So is confidence, self esteem, success, wealth, love ......

When you have lived a long time with negative emotions – whether your own or other people’s – that decision to attract something better into your life can feel impossible to make, impossible to believe in. That’s where Emotional Freedom Technique can do its work. Tapping and talking the EFT way can, bit by bit, clear the ground of all those negative beliefs, the cellular memories of traumatic experiences that have been stored as proof that we must live a limited, fearful life for our own safety. EFT can help you clear the dark, musty, threatening corners of your mind where fear and negativity thrive and shine a new light of hope and possibility, fuelled by your creative imagination harnessed to happiness, achievement and personal growth.

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