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Confidence Building

Ready for Change Now offers confidence-building workshops designed to give individuals or teams an overall boost whilst taking a new look at their working practices and assumptions. Where you feel that key staff are struggling with specific confidence issues which are affecting their performance, Heather Carter will work one to one to help that person to identify and collapse the limiting belief that prevents their fulfilling their potential.

  • A competent employee doesn’t apply for a promotion in spite of being given the opportunity
  • A new manager promoted from the ranks is struggling to motivate her team
  • A new employee doesn’t appear to be thriving in the company
  • An experienced employee whom you trust and value consistently holds back from giving his opinion in meetings
  • A skilled employee who you hope to groom for future management appears to avoid training opportunities
  • A member of your sales team is personable, persuasive and knowledgeable yet struggle to close
  • A manager with vast product knowledge refuses to man the exhibition stand or make presentations

The most likely common denominator in all of these scenarios is lack of confidence. However, it is a mistake to think of people lacking confidence as introverted and anxious. Certainly they can be, but often confidence fails people in just one or two areas or aspects of their private or working lives.