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Anger Management
Anger Management
There are two main aspects to anger that need to be examined in the business context: managing personal response to another’s directed anger, and appropriately managing one’s own anger

The ability to manage other people’s anger is particularly (though not exclusively) vital in the arenas of customer service and tele-sales, where operators may be subjected to unwarranted levels of abuse by frustrated or otherwise volatile customers. Stress levels in call centres are notoriously high and, unless your operators have high levels of personal confidence and self-esteem along with a working knowledge of conflict management techniques, this can lead to increasing levels of sickness absence. Ready for Change Now can enhance your Customer Service training programme and aim to reduce sickness statistics, by supporting your teams to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain their morale under all circumstances.

For many, the term anger management implies that anger is an unacceptable emotion: not so. The problem lies with excessive, unrelieved, uncontrolled or unfounded anger responses which fiood the body with unnecessary stress chemicals when no flight or fight response is actually needed. Ready for Change Now can offer anger and conflict management workshops tailored to meet the specific needs of your workforce and the problems they face on a day to day basis.

Where you have members of staff whose own anger issues – whether expressed passively or aggressively – are affecting their own or their team’s performance, Heather Carter will work confidentially, one to one, with individuals to identify the triggers to their anger and ways to regulate their response.

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