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About Heather Carter

Our particular emphasis is on workforce health and well-being, team-building and emotional intelligence, stress awareness and coping strategies, personal responsibility, sickness absence prevention and support, morale building and attitude. We are also able to provide occupational health support through Emotional Freedom Technique

We believe that, by supporting the individuals and teams in your workforce in the right ways, your productivity and staff retention statistics will improve and you will reap the benefits of your investment in your bottom line. Our intention is that our training and support will be ultimately self-financing and will contribute to your IIP agenda.

The Human Potential Matrix approach acknowledges that the employee is a complex individual with home, health, family and financial concerns as well as work deadlines, management issues and productivity targets impacting upon performance. All of those individuals add up to your workforce: potentially a powerhouse of creativity and drive. The job of the Ready for Change Now team is to ensure that each of the cogs in your corporate machine is perfectly balanced and motivated to interact with the team and perform his or her vital function at their full potential.

Where an organisation is downsizing, Ready for Change Now can provide a ‘Support through Change’ programme to reduce employee stress levels and maintain morale whilst working with individuals ‘at risk’ to increase their personal confidence and strengthen their employability skills.

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